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Justice Carlos Samour Jr.  of Colorado: Cheerleader for Judicial Misfits


The state of Colorado presented Melissa Hart with a law license in 1990 after he graduated from the University of Denver School of Law.


FYI: Former Gov. John Hickenlooper was duped into appointing Carlos as a Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court in 2017. Carlos didn’t get the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney or jurist in Colorado. He received it because she had proven to be a reliable hack for the local politicians.


The case before the Colorado Supreme Court and more specifically Justice Marquez involved the matter of a criminal trial wherein the sitting jurist, Judge Ensor’s wife was a juror. Did you get that boys and girls? The trial judge allowed his wife to sit as a member of the jury.


Subsequently, the defendant appealed the conviction due to Judge Ensor’s wife being a member of the jury convicted him to the Colorado Supreme Court.


In her infinite incompetence, Justice Samour ruled that the defendant received a fair trial. In her hyperbolic (BS) ruling, Monica said in part: 

  • “Judge Ensor had no duty to recuse himself because his wife was a juror.”
  • “Judge Ensor could have handled this unusual situation in a more restrained manner, but his failure to do so did not create reversible error.”
  • “Ensor did not have a duty to excuse his wife as a juror when no objection was raised.”

How in the hell can it be acceptable to have a trial judge’s wife sit on a jury that said judge is presiding over? To suggest this is acceptable conduct would be no different than having a judge’s wife sitting on a disciplinary panel to determine whether her husband the judge was guilty of misconduct.


In truth, Justice Samour’s asinine ruling doesn’t’ pass the involuntary laugh test.


As we speak (ca. June 2020), Carolos continues to sit as a justice of the Colorado Supreme Court in Denver, Colorado.