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Former Judge John M. Carpenter of Phoenix; liar, certified loser

Johnny was a former process server before becoming a judge. He attracted public attention after firing a pistol in his house and pointing a gun at a person. Johnny was charged with aggravated assault. Subsequently, the charges were dropped and he was rewarded with a judgeship.
Several defense attorneys complained that Johnny would doze off during court proceedings. Johnny claimed he was being treated for narcolepsy, a disorder that causes people to suddenly fall asleep.
One attorney, Christopher DuPont, began to closely monitor Johnny’s performance on the bench. In one instance, DuPont sought a mistrial after Johnny dozed off during a hearing.   During that hearing, the following discussion took place between Johnny and Co-counsel Jerald Moore.
Moore:           “… I have to point out for the record that Your Honor had his eyes closed about the last 15 minutes of the hearing before we took a break.”
Johnny:        “I was –“he responds before DuPont cuts him off.
Moore:          “Excuse me, we heard you snore, and I saw your head bobbing up and down.”
Johnny:       “I have narcolepsy and I take narcolepsy medicines.”
Moore:            “Were you having a narcolepsy episode, Your Honor?”
Johnny:       I don’t know. I don’t think so.”
Moore:           “Okay, I’d also like to ask for a mistrial on that ground.”
Johnny:       “Your motion is denied.”
Shortly thereafter, Johnny expressed confusion over which attorney had been presenting evidence in the case. He incorrectly commends DuPont for his ability to ask questions and describe the case. Those questions, however, were asked by Gerald Moore and not DuPont, which prompted Moore to say, “Your Honor, I’m Mr. Moore, and I’ve asked all the questions. Mr. DuPont hasn’t asked any questions yet.”
After receiving numerous complaints about Johnny sleeping on the bench, presiding Justice Osterfeld said, “John gets kind of woozy, and we are able to move him back into reality by talking to him. From that standpoint, I think he’s treatable.”
When John’s woozy, you’re able to move him back into reality by talking to him? You must mean by shooting a pistol at or near him, right?
John’s Constable
Several members of John’s staff rebelled and objected to the behavior of the court’s constable, John Powers. “The constable would get in the clerks’ faces and scream and holler at them and call them names,” said Justice Osterfeld. Powers also allegedly made crude comments about the dress of some of the female employees, Osterfeld said.
Judicial Commission Sanction Recommendation
The enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission bought Johnny’s narcolepsy crap and recommended that he “be retired for a permanent disability that seriously interferes with the performance of his duties.” Of course this meant that Johnny will receive disability retirement benefits for the balance of his miserable life at taxpayer expense.
Arizona Supreme Court Findings
In a letter to the Judicial Commission, Johnny claimed he suffered from narcolepsy and requested that, as an accommodation to his condition, his courtroom be staffed with an assistant to assist him. The taxpayers were already paying Johnny $70,000 a year.
The Court noted that Johnny did not disclose his alleged narcolepsy on his employment application for a judgeship, and that he didn’t use the bailiff already appointed to him as an accommodation to help him stay awake. 
In the “real word,” who in the hell is provided with an assistant as an accommodation to help an employee stay awake? Another Judicial Perk!
Johnny admitted that he was guilty of having ex parte communications, failing to withdraw from cases and thereby creating an appearance of bias, inappropriate use of his judicial position, and failing to perform judicial responsibilities.
Johnny also admitted to misrepresenting facts (lying) in prior responses to the Commission. 
The Supreme Court rejected the Commission’s findings and ordered that Johnny be removed from the bench, with the caveat that his removal would only take place if he was awake.
An unreliable source indicated that Johnny is currently employed as a salesman for the Serta Mattress Co.