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Judge Joseph A. Simpson of Ft. Myers, FL; moronic loser


The state of Florida presented Joseph A. Simpson with a law license in 1973.


Joe succeeded in duping the voters in Lee County into electing him as a Circuit Judge in 2006. Joe’s six-year terms ends in January 2013.


Everyone associated with the Legal Industry assumed that Joe wasn’t going to run for reelection due to some unknown and undisclosed health problems. This assumption was based on the fact that court records from July 2011 through early May 2012, show that Joey hasn’t been assigned to conduct any court business. Joey’s paid inactivity led two magistrates and several lawyers to announce they were going to run for his judicial seat.


When Joey’s name appeared on the ballot for the November election, nobody could believe it. “It was a complete shock when he showed up on qualifying week and filed,” said former Charlotte County Magistrate Lisa Spader Porter, adding that the legal community believed he was retiring. “No one expected it. Every other judge in this circuit had filed long before.” (Marco Eagle)


It was known in the legal community that Joe suffered from something akin to Parkinson’s disease. Many folks who appeared before him said it was difficult if not impossible to understand what he was saying.

Sharon Miller, an insurance agent filed an ethics complaint against Joey in 2010 wherein she accused him of colluding with opposing counsel and ruling against her without giving her a hearing in her divorce. Ms. Miller said, “When he decided my case, I could not understand a word that he said. However, I was assured by my then-counsel that his inability to speak did not mean he was incompetent. I now question that conclusion.” (Marco Eagle)


In July 2011, Chief Judge Jay Rosman reassigned Joe to a “transactional docket” of strictly paperwork that doesn’t require him to conduct court hearings. In truth, Joey is nothing more than a glorified court clerk, albeit a highly overpaid one.


Thanks to Judge Rosman’s generosity, the taxpayers are paying Joey $142,178 as a paper shuffler. Judge Rosman had the chutzpah to say that if Joey is reelected for other six-years, he fully intends to make Joey’s paper-shuffling job permanent.


I believe that the only reason Joey is running for reelection is to assure that he has enough time on the bench to receive a lifetime state pension and fully paid health insurance.


When a Judge is unable to perform all of the duties he/she was elected to do, then its time for that person to find another job. Joey absolutely knows he is not fit to sit on the bench and provide the services that he is handsomely paid for. At a minimum Joey’s conduct should cause the voters in Lee County to tell him they’re not about to pay $142,178 for a paper-shuffler.