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Judge Jeffrey Joy of Shrewsbury, PA; pervert


The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board ordered that Jeffrey be suspended from the bench without pay for the following reasons.


On August 7, 2015 Jeff was charged with misdemeanors of official oppression and indecent assault for groping a woman whose boyfriend had appeared in his court.


In this matter, Jeff is accused of going to the home of a woman, then touching and licking the woman’s breast and groping her buttocks.


One week later, the state police filed a new set of criminal charges against Jeff which were not related to the aforementioned misdemeanors. In this instance, Jeff was charged with offering to dismiss a different woman's court fines if she modeled lingerie for him. That set of charges includes two counts of bribery in official and political matters, which are third-degree felonies.


All that’s left now is to see how long it takes for Jeff the Perv to cop a plea and admit he’s guilty of the aforementioned crimes.


Hopefully, the sentencing judge will order that Jeff be sent to the Chester State Correctional Institute and that he be roomed up with Clarice (real name Clarence) who is rumored to be the friendliest fellow in the joint.