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Judge Warren Grant of London, UK; pervert  


The state of Utah presented Timothy Bowles with a law license in 1986 after he graduated from Cambridge University Law School.


The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office found Warren guilty of the following misconduct.


In 2014, an investigation led to a discovery that Judge Grant was using a government computer to view pornography. Of course Warren the Perv was receiving a taxpayer funded salary during the time he spent surfing for porn.


In March 2015, the Discipline Committee ordered that Warren the Perv be removed from office. Shortly thereafter, and in a lame attempt at levity, Warren said:

  • “I do not wish to comment save to say that for some years, before, and during, the period covered by the conduct which formed the subject of the complaint laid against me I was suffering from severe and undiagnosed depression.”

I see Warren; it was severe depression, undiagnosed at that, that made you spend untold hours on a government computer surfing for porn. Clearly, Warren missed his calling as a standup comedian.


As we speak (cs. March 2015), Warren the Perv works as an immigration law specialist with a firm of North London solicitors.