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 Judge Robert Alexander of Pembroke, NY; ethical leprechaun


Prior to becoming Pembroke’s Town Justice, Bobby was the Judge of the Village of Corfu Justice Court.


The New York Judicial Commission charged Judge Robert Alexander with the following misconduct.


During his time as a Judge in Corfu, Bobby’s daughter, Brandi Watts, was the court clerk. Subsequently, Ms. Watts was charged with stealing nearly $14,000 from the Village of Corfu. Ms. Watts was charged with grand larceny, tampering with public records and 53 counts of fraud.


At the time of Ms. Watts’ theft, Bobby was sitting as the Judge in the Corfu Justice Court. Bobby then attempted to prevent anyone from exposing his daughter’s theft.


As a result of his conduct in covering for his daughter, Bobby has been charged with three criminal misdemeanors … two counts of coercion and one count of official misconduct.


Bobby’s conduct led to him being suspended with pay on August 22, 2013 until the criminal charges against him have been resolved.


Who was the moron that said “Crime doesn’t pay?”


As we speak (ca. November 2013), Bobby continues to hose the public by receiving a paycheck for performing absolutely no services.