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Judge Joseph Cirigliano of Elyria, OH; certified thief and greedy cheapskate

Judge Joseph Cirigliano is a celebrated serial thief who has spent at least eleven (11) years defrauding the state of Ohio and numerous counties while acting as a visiting retired judge.
Judge Cirigliano dedicated his retired judicial career to consistently billing the state and counties for hours he never worked and/or for travel expenses he never incurred.
Cirigliano would repeatedly bill Lucas County (Toledo) for breakfast and dinner at $27 even though he was not lawfully entitled to said expenses. This crook has the chutzpah to bill the good citizens of Toledo for $20 for dinner/supper even though he was home in Elyria as evidenced by the 3 examples below:
  1. Left Toledo courthouse at 14:18 pm – arrived home at 15:23 pm
  2. Left Toledo courthouse at 11:25 am – arrived home at 12:42 pm
  3. Left Toledo courthouse at 11:40 – arrived home at 12:48 pm
In addition to defrauding the taxpayers for a $14 dinner he ate at home, he also defrauded the State by billing for working 8 hours on each day. Therefore, he also collected at least $510 in wages for judicial services he never provided to the state.
Over the course of several years, Cirigliano defrauded the taxpayers of Toledo by illegally billing $20 for dinners on at least 30 occasions for a total cost of $600. He also illegally billed at least 120 hours in wages for work he never performed which netted him another $6,000 or more.
Who said crime doesn’t pay? It sure wasn’t the Dishonorable Joseph Cirigliano!