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Justice of the Peace J. Kent Adams of Houston; idiotic bigot

In 2001 J. Kent Adams succeeded in duping the voters in the Houston area into electing him as Harris County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace.
During his reign of terror on the bench, J. Kent has gone out of his way to prove that he is an unapologetic bigot. During various court proceedings, the Bigot has spewed forth comments such as:
  1. Asked an African American parent if “she was on welfare”
  2. Asked a Hispanic parent “if she had six or seven kids”
  3. Told a Pakistani parent that her son should be “stoned to death”
J. Kent’s latest bigoted statement was aimed at Vietnamese attorney Henry Nguyen who was in court representing a juvenile. When Mr. Nguyen made a request for his client’s school records, the Kent the Bigot said, “Boy these records are none of your goddamn business. Kent also called Mr. Nguyen’s client “a little brat nosed punk ass kid with a foul mouth and bad attitude.”
As a result of an ethics complaint filed with the Judicial Commission against Kent the Bigot, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the commission punished Kent by gifting him with a complimentary admonishment.
Since J. Kent said the Pakistani child should be “stoned to death,” I’d vote for having J. Kent stoned in the public square in downtown Houston. However, in order to be fair to J. Kent, the members of the stoning team would be limited to African Americans, Hispanics, Arab Americans and Asian Americans.
As we speak (ca. April 2012) J. Kent the certified bigot remains sitting on the bench in Houston. If I was a member of any minority group in Houston I would refuse to appear in this A-holes court.