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Attorney Jacquelyn Hughes of Billings, MT; One of the Good Gals


The State of Montana provided Jacquelyn Hughes with a law license in 2005 after she graduated from the University of Montana School of Law.


In one matter, involving the egregious misconduct of Yellowstone County District Court Judge Ashley Harada, Ms. Hughes sided with Judge Gregory Todd and others in demanding that the Montana Supreme Court ignore the recommendations of the Judicial Standards Commission that Harada receive a complimentary censure.


For additional information regarding the Harada matter, view the two URLs listed at the end of this article, one dealing with Harada’s misconduct, the other dealing with Judge Gregory Todd’s commentary on the punishment Harada should receive.


Ms. Hughes filed objections to the censure recommendation and has requested that the Supreme Court order that Harada be removed from her judicial position. Ms. Halverson also objected to Judge Harada’s explanations regarding her misconduct including her admissions, stating they were insufficient or misleading.


Kudos to Attorney Jacquelyn Hughes for having the courage and fortitude to tell it like it is when it comes to a jurist who does in fact deserve to be tossed off bench, especially one that admitted to give false testimony under oath (perjury).


As we speak (ca. March 2020), Jacquelyn practices with Hughes Law PLLC at 411 24th Street in Billings, Montana.


Judge Ashley Harada of Billings, MT; perjurer, scofflaw