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Kentucky lawmakers to name restrooms in honor of Donald Trump


Several unnamed and unreliable sources have indicated that Kentucky’s State Legislature is considering placing placards on all state operated bathroom stalls honoring “Trumporleone” Trump.


The sources stated that after much consideration and debate, the office state placards placed on the bathroom stalls would say “Trump Dump” in large bold lettering.


This will allow for the respectful movement of one’s bowels while taking a Dump on Trump. 

It is anticipated that in the future and after the successful launch of the “Trump Dump” placards, the legislators are contemplating legislation that would mandate that placards be placed on all urinals in state operated restrooms.


Apparently, the same legislators are considering other ways in which to display their undying loyalty and allegiance to The Great Leader. However, they have indicated that they want to get the “Trump Dump” placards posted throughout the tate before they tackle another issue.


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