► Trump turned down job as Before Guy in Ads for Penis Enlargement Print

Trump turned down job as Before Guy in Ads for Penis Enlargement

Several anonymous and unreliable sources indicated that when he was in his late 20s, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump was offered a job by the manufacturers of “Mr. Thick Dick” Penis Enlarger Cream as the Before Guy in its anticipated advertisement blitz.


Prior to considering the position, The Great Leader felt compelled to take a quick peak at his “junk” before responding to “Mr. Thick Dick’s” magnanimous offer. A photo of the young Great Leader is shown to the upper left.


After considerable thought The Great Leader came to the inescapable conclusion that accepting “Thick Dick’s” offer would only work to damage his ego and could cause him to suffer even greater difficulty in landing a date with a decent looking gal or any gal for that matter.


After being apprised by “Thick Dick” management that the photo of his junk would be superimposed against that of Porn Star Ron Jeremy for comparison, The Great Leader felt compelled to ponder the matter before determining if he would accept the offer.


After a short interval of time had passed, The Great Leader declined “Mr. Thick Dick’s” offer.


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