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Are the Federal Judges in Alaska overworked and underpaid?


As of January 2011, there are a total of 13 judges sitting in Alaska (a) 3 full time judges, (b) 4 senior judges, and (c) 6 Magistrate judges.
For the year 2009, these 13 judges handled 150 criminal cases and 359 civil cases, which equates to an average of thirty-nine (39) cases per judge for an entire year.
For anyone to suggest that we (that’d be y’all overburdened taxpayers) should be required to dole out over $2 million in wages for 13 judges as set forth below doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
  • 3 – Sitting Judges = $522,000
  • 4 – Senior Judges = $696,000
  • 6 – Magistrate Judges = $960,000
  • 13 – Total Judges = $2,178,000 total judicial wages
The costs to the taxpayers for these 13 judges to handle 509 cases in 2009 were $4,279. Now let’s compare this so-called workload to that of the “general division” judges as follows:
  • 1,898 cases per judge – Franklin County, Ohio (Columbus) v 39 for Alaska judges
  • 1,613 cases per judge – Summit County, Ohio (Akron) v 39 for Alaska judges
  • 1,610 cases per judge – Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland) v 39 for Alaska judges
Now, the enablers/apologists for the federal judiciary will attempt to make you believe that cases filed in federal courts are much more convoluted and time-consuming than those filed in state courts. This is nothing more than pure hyperbole (BS). A civil case for personal injury damages is the same whether adjudicated in state or federal court. The same is true of a criminal case! 
As noted above, federal judges earned $174,000 in 2009 verses $121,350 paid to their counterparts in Ohio. Therefore, the judicial cost to the citizens of Ohio and Columbus per case in 2009 was $6.39 verses $4,279 in Alaska. Is that a bargain or what Boyz and Girls? Is Alaska a great country or what?
Unbelievably, Chief Justice Roberts actually believes that federal judges are entitled to a raise of at least 30%. If Congress were duped into agreeing with Roberts, the cost to taxpayers per case in Alaska would increase to at least $5,563 verses the average of $7.11 borne by the taxpayers in Columbus, Akron and Cleveland
To get a feel for how these so-called dedicated public servants have been screwing y’all, let’s review the records of the four (4) senior judges in Alaska, which is as follows:
Judge James Von der Heydt State pension = $85,906 (ca. 2007)
DOB: 1919 – 92- years old
Appointed by LBJ in 1966
Assumed Senior Status (10 hour workweek) on July 15 1984 (37 years)
Judge James Fitzgerald
DOB: 1920 – 91 years old
Appointed by Gerald Ford in 1974
Assumed Senior Status (10 hour workweek) on Jan 1, 1989 (31 years)
Judge Russel Holland
DOB: 1936 – 75 years old
Appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1984
Assumed Senior Status (10 hour workweek) on Sept 18, 2001 (10 years)
Judge James SingletonState pension = $98,512
DOB: 1939 – 72 years old
Appointed by George H.W. Bush inn 1990
Assumed Senior Status (10 hour workweek) on Jan 27, 2005 (7 years)
The above named public servants have spent eighty-five (85) years sucking on the public tit while working an average of ten (10) hours per week. In addition to their underserved federal salaries of $174,000 in 2009, Alaskans paid state pensions of $85,907 and $98,512 to Judges Von der Heydt and Singleton respectively.
Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers isn’t it comforting to know that we’re being thoroughly hosed (actually screwed) by these so-called dedicated jurists?
With annual federal budget deficits of well over $1.5 trillion, maybe its time to send Von Der Heydt, et al packing, right?
I hear tell that the Wal-Mart located 8900 Old Seward Highway in Anchorage is always in need of greeters.