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Attorney Martin Decruz of Singapore; crook


The Law Society of Singapore presented Martin with a law license in 1991


The Law Society of Singapore found Martin guilty of the following misconduct.


Martin along with his then partner, Ang Chin Peng found it acceptable to grossly inflate their legal bills by about $566,000, when the actual amount should have been $170,000.


The complaints against Martin and Ang were filed by a grandson of Mr. Quek Seng Kee and Madam Leong Siew Gong, whose estates were being handled by the two crooked lawyers.


The appellate court stated the in absolute figures, the fraudulent billing amount to around $400,000. The court said, “Such a huge difference in the figures can only be regarded as egregious and can hardly be justified.”


As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Singapore Court of Appeals punished Martin by gifting him with a complimentary 90-day suspension of his law license.


As we speak, (ca. March 2015), Martin practices with Shenton Law Practice LLP at

8 Robinson Road in Singapore.