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Frank Gaffney sez Females in combat will lead to Feminization of the Military


Shortly after the Pentagon announced that it had opened up all combat jobs to qualified female services, Frank Gaffney, a well known and highly disrespected right-wing lunatic, decided to comment on the matter.


During a recent (early December 2015) airing of his comedy show “Secure Freedom Radio,” Frank lamented “this kind of feminization.” (Miranda Blue) Frank went on to laughingly state in part:

  • Such developments are “so clearly at odds with the concepts that are absolutely central to the military’s whole raison d’etre, and yet that’s being thrown to the side in favor of gender quotas and lower standards and otherwise accommodating the ‘Lean In’ agenda.”
  • “There will be a price to pay.”
  • “Our national security will suffer as a result of this.”

It should be noted that Frank never served his country during the Vietnam War even though he was age eligible. He is yet another cowardly loser that has cheerfully advocated for sending your sons and daughters off to die while at the same time he refuses to so act.


To suggest that women in combat would be detrimental to national security is nothing more than a misogynistic rant from a well known nutcase.


Maybe its time we provide Frank with an M-15, four grenades, a parachute and drop him off somewhere in Syria to do what he advocates for others to do on his behalf and that of his fellow cowards.


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