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State Rep. Bob Marshall (VA): Today’s “Homophobe” Award Winner


Bobby has been sucking on the public tit for the past twenty-eight (28) years as a member of the Virginia General Assembly.


To further prove that he’s one of Virginia’s Premier Bigots and Homophobes, Bobby decided to go on the attack against a challenger for his Assembly seat who happens to be the openly transgender. Of course, being transgender isn’t a disqualifier to being elected to the Virginia Assembly no more than being a Catholic would be.


As evidence of Bobby’s disgusting bigotry, he has made the following claims:

  • Stated that children with disabilities are God’s punishment for women having abortions
  • Speculated that Justice Anthony Kennedy must be secretly gay because he ruled in favor of marriage equality.
  • Led a charge against a gay judicial nominee because his “lifestyle” would be “contrary” to his oath of office
  • Introduced extreme anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ legislation that would block transgender folks from using restrooms in government building that corresponded to their gender identity
  • Cosponsored disgusting and perverted legislation that would have required women seeking abortions to undergo a transvaginal probe

It is sadly apparent that Bobby the Bigot (BB) will say or do anything to retain his position as a member of the Virginia Assembly.


For BB to suggest that a woman should be legally required under law to undergo a transvaginal probe if seeking an abortion is an abomination and proves beyond all doubt that Bobby is a dyed-in-the-wool Misogynist.


Somebody in the Virginia Assembly should propose legislation that Bobby and those of his Ilk should be made to undergo annual Colonoscopies to determine the amount of crap they are likely to spew forth in any given year. To save the Virginia taxpayers money, an amateur Proctologist could be employed to perform the colonoscopies.


And lastly, one must seriously wonder why Bobby expends so much energy spewing forth hatred towards members of the gay community. Maybe we need to ask Bobby the following:


“What’s in your closet, Bobby?”


As we speak (November 2017), Bobby continues to sit as a member of the Virginia State Assembly.