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Prosecutor Steve Brand of Austin, TX; Today’s Public Official Misfit


The state of Texas presented Steve Todd Brand with a law license in 1997 after he graduated from Yeshiva University Law School in Chicago.


As of June 2014, Todd was employed as a felony prosecutor for Travis County Prosecutor’s Office.  While prosecuting a case in early June, Todd found it acceptable to reject a black juror from sitting on a case because she held a membership in the NAACP.


Todd said that a membership in the NAACP was like being a white supremacist. A transcript of the trial obtained by KVUE-TV in Austin revealed that Stevie told District Court Judge Julie Kocurek that he was removing the black woman because of her NAACP ties. In a lame effort at levity, Stevie then told the judge that it was “not because of race.” Stevie went on to say:

  • “It’s because in part she appeared to be an activist, and that’s what we don’t want.”
  • “Just as if she was white, we wouldn’t want a white activist or a white supremacist.”

Shortly after Stevie’s racist comments, Judge Kocurek ordered a new jury to be seated after ruling that Stevie had removed the woman solely because of her race.


Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg said she fired Stevie because she was offended by his remarks. She then gave Stevie the boot and told him that “his statements did not reflect my opinions or my values or those of our organization, and that he could no longer work at the Travis County District Attorney’s office.


Since Stevie is now unemployed he might try seeking a job as legal counsel to the White Student Union of Tarrant Count located in North Richland, Texas.


And if that doesn’t pan out, he can always apply for a job as a greeter at the Wal-Mart Supercenter Store located on Ben White Blvd in Austin.