► State Sen. Mark Pody (R-TN): Today’s: “Halfwit Misogynist” Award Winner Print
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State Sen. Mark Pody (R-TN): Today’s: “Halfwit Misogynist” Award Winner


To assure his standing as one of Tennessee’s Premier Misogynists, A-Holes, Bigots and Aspiring Standup Comedian, Mark introduced legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly that would allow a man who impregnates a woman to seek a court injunction barring the woman from having an abortion.


This asinine and over-the-top misogynist law would apply to a man that wasn’t married to the woman he impregnated, which is not only farcical but flies in the face of reality.


Apparently, Mark is a member of the male group in Tennessee that adheres to stereotype that women are ignorant, and should be kept barefoot, pregnant, and most importantly, be obedient to their husband’s orders, directives and wishes.


It’s not unusual for Mark to display his utter contempt for his fellow Tennesseans, especially those who are members of the gay community.


In one matter, Mark the Moron (M&M) stated that he “believes he’s on a mission from God to stamp out same-sex marriage.” (Nashville Scene)


Hopefully, the day will come when the voters in Mark’s district finally realize that he’s an unabashed bigot and send him packing if he chooses to run for reelection.


As we speak (ca. March 2021), Mark continues to allegedly represent the best interests of his constituents in an area encompassing Cannon County, Clay County, Dekalb County, Macon County, Smith County and Wilson County.