► Ex-Mayor Stephen Reed of Harrisburg, PA: Today’s Public Official Misfit Print
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► Ex-Mayor Stephen Reed of Harrisburg, PA: Today’s Public Official Misfit


Stephen had has significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for thirty-five years (ca. 1974 to 2009). Apparently, the Walmart on Grayson Road in Harrisburg wasn’t about to hire Stevie as a greeter.


In mid-July 2015, Stephen was criminally charged with funneling money to projects that personally benefited him and his friends during his many years as Mayor of Harrisburg.


Stephen faces 17 charges and hundreds of counts, which include theft by deception that involves that Harrisburg School District and the sports hall of fame, unlawful activity, corrupt organization, and fabricating physical evidence.


In its indictment, the grand jury stated in part:


This Grand Jury finds that then Mayor Stephen Reed, abetted by associates in government and the professional community, exploited the availability of capital in the municipal debt market to raise money for purposes utterly unrelated to the civic project for which the bond was given.”


All that remains now is to see how long it will take for Stephen to cop a plea. Hopefully, the sentencing judge will remand him to serve his time at the State Correctional Institution at Marienville and further order he be placed in cell no. 444 along with Clarice (real name Clarence) who is rumored to be one of the most friendly prisoners in the joint.