► Ohio’s Coke-Head of the decade is Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter Print
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Ohio’s Coke-Head of the decade is Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter

The Watchdawg is proud to announce that Erie County, Ohio Prosecutor Kevin Baxter is Northwest Ohio’s Coke-Head of the Decade Award Winner.
Although Kevin has consistently denied (actually lied) over the years (ca. 1975-2005) that he was a cocaine aficionado. In addition to abusing cocaine, it is rumored that Kevin was also a user of marijuana and angel dust (PCP).
Kevin’s laughable denials were proven false when a report issued by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations was published. That investigative report clearly stated that reliable evidence existed to prove that Kevin was a cocaine abuser. The only reason the Bureau didn’t purse criminal charges against Kevin was because the time lapse (over 5 years had passed).
If Ol’ Kevin isn’t an accomplished Coke-Head, then why did (a) Robert Downey, Jr. (b) Gary Busey, (c) Van Halen, and (d) Whitney Houston agree to provide character testimony on his behalf if a defamation trial came to fruition in Sandusky.
Isn’t it comforting to know that the good citizens of the Sandusky, Ohio area continue to be represented by a confirmed drug abuser and repeat criminal? What an unmitigated loser!!!
Congrats Kevin Baxter; keep up the good work! We should let all the taxpayers know of your amazing record of disservice; you are far too modest.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California