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Brooklyn DA Michael Vecchione; congenital liar, ethical leper-con

Assistant Brooklyn Da Michael Vecchione has dedicated the lion’s share of his adult life porking out at the public trough. Obviously, no self-respecting law firm in New York City was about to offer this loser a job. Can ya blame them?
On more than once occasion, New York judges have railed at the prosecutorial misconduct engaged in by this certified loser and celebrated liar.
Within the past several months, Jabbar Collins had his wrongful conviction at the hands of Vecchione overturned due to his egregious misconduct. Of course Vecchione felt quite comfortable in knowing that Mr. Collins spent 18 years in prison due to his despicable conduct.
Obviously, Vecchione is totally devoid of a conscience as is the case with his mentors Albert “The Madhatter” Anastasia, Aladena “Jimmy the Weasel” Fratianno and Mario “The Butcher” Smarrelli. Put simply, Vecchione had no problem sleeping like a baby knowing that he had wrongfully convicted an innocent man.
In regards to Mr. Collin’s wrongful conviction, Vecchione had the chutzpah to testify that “No deals were made with witnesses that were not disclosed by me to the court and the defense. No witness ever recanted a prior statement or grand jury testimony. No witness had to be threatened or forced to testify.”
Subsequently, Vecchione’s testimony as set forth above was proven to be patently false.
And what was Vecchione’s punishment for knowingly lying to convict an innocent man? Zippo! This lying loser remains as an assistant DA in Brooklyn. Isn’t Brooklyn a great country!
If there really was any justice in Brooklyn, New York, Vecchione would be doing time at Sing Sing in Ossining, New York while bunked up with Michelle (real name is Michael) in Cell No. 1411.