► Today’s “Imbecile” Award Winner is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Print
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Today’s “Imbecile” Award Winner is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Congratulations to….
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Today’s “Imbecilic Screwball” Award Winner
The WatchDawg is proud to announce that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the hands-down winner of this prestigious, despite keen competition among like-minded screwballs such as Sarah Palin and Rep. Michelle Bachman.
Governor Chris Christie received a well-rounded education in obfuscation and spewing forth falsehoods while attending Seton Hall University School of Law in the mid-1980s.
Chris Christie has dedicated the lion’s share of his adult life to porking out at the public trough. It would be frivolous to the nth degree for anyone to suggest that Gov. Christie’s I.Q. is equal to or higher than the legal speed limit for semi-trucks traveling on the Jersey Turnpike (aka, I-95).
In 2010, Christie succeeded in duping New Jersey voters into electing him as their Governor.
Prior to ascending to the throne as NJ Governor, Christie was the subject of numerous investigations calling into question his ethics. Suffice it to say that Christie’s ethics are on par with those exhibited by Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay and/or Newt (the Tewt) Gingrich.
As could be expected, Christie said that as US attorney he was always tough on organized crime, albeit with the exception being prosecution of corrupt public officials.
In an effort to address New Jersey’s budget deficit of $2.2 billion, Christie declared a “state of fiscal emergency.” He proposed cuts of $475 million in State aid to schools; elimination of subsidies to NJ transit and cuts to higher education and hospitals.
In reality, Christie is proposing that the budget deficit be cured by punishing low and/or middle-income residents of New Jersey. He has repeatedly stated that he would not increase taxes and that would include increases for millionaires and/or billionaires.
There is no dispute that Christie believes he is Presidential material in putting forth asinine proposals to rectify New Jersey’s budget deficit. Put simply, he’s proven that old adage that you know a lawyer is lying if his lips are moving.
What a loser! I’d feel more comfortable if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected as President in 2012!
Congrats Chris; keep up the good work! We should let your constituents all know of your amazing record; you are far too modest.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California