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Poor folk don’t’ want health care “just like Jesus said” 


During a recent (early March 2017) interview with STAT News, Rep. Roger Marshall, Republican from the greater Manhattan, Dodge City, Kansas area, decided to distinguish himself as a patronizing bigot in regards to Medicaid and poor people. (Sarah K. Burris) It should be noted that Roger is a millionaire Obstetrician.


In his interview, Roger stated his belief that the Obama Medicaid expansion helps the poor but most of those folks (wink, wink) just don’t want any healthcare. Roger the bigoted moron said:

  • “Just like Morons like me said, I’m sorry Jesus said, ‘The poor will always be with us’”
  • “There is a group of people that just don’t want health care and aren’t going to take care of themselves.”

When asked to further explain what he meant, Roger said:

  • “The Medicaid population is on a free credit card, as a group.”
  • “So, there’s a group of people that even with unlimited access to health care are only going to use the emergency room when their arm is chopped off or when their pneumonia is so bad they get brought into the ER.”

Roger’s statement that those folks only avail themselves of medical care by visiting the ER is hyperbole (BS) and he knows it. This is proven by the fact that low-income adults in Kentucky and Arkansas received more primary and preventive care, made fewer emergency department visits, and reported higher quality care and improved health compared with their counterparts in Texas, which refused to expand Medicaid coverage.


Of course, Roger doesn’t give a damn if poor folks receive any medical insurance; however, he has no qualms about them paying taxes to pay for the taxpayer funded golden health insurance he receives.


And lastly, Roger is just another rich bigot that believes he’s entitled to freebies from the taxpayers but doesn’t believe they are entitled to the same treatment he receives.