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Today’s “Most Worthless Legislator” Award Winner is US Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)

Congratulations to….
U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.)
Today’s “Most Worthless Legislator” Award Winner
Rep. Joe Walsh is the freshman U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 8th congressional district. Joey is a fundraiser and conservative Republican Tea Party activist.
Joey received his BA from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.
After winning the 2010 election, Joey listed some of his political positions as:
  • Opposed to extending unemployment benefits
  • Favored extending Bush tax cuts and abolishing estate taxes and cutting capitol gains taxes
  • Cutting capitol gains taxes from 15%
  • Blames joblessness on uncertainty on tax policy as to small businesses
In a lame attempt at levity Joey the Bigot said that he thought the reason President Obama had been elected was that Obama was an “articulate” black man. An “articulate” black man verses electing a “incoherent” white guy. How cool is that?
Recently, Joey was quoted as saying, “I still don’t know my way around the Capitol. I still don’t know how the protocol works on the [House] floor. I could care less.” Joe went on to say, “his goals were not to legislative: He wants to continue pointing out Obama’s failings.”
If Joey the Loser doesn’t want to legislative, then maybe he’d be kind enough to forfeit his $174,000 unearned and undeserved annual salary.
Joey also had the chutzpah to attack Obama’s comments on settling the ongoing problems between Israel and the Palestinians. Apparently, Joey is an expert on the issue since he falsely claims to have been an instructor at the Hebrew Theological Institute. However, no such institution by that name exists. Therefore, in addition to being a “worthless legislator,” Joey is also a congenital liar!
Congrats Joey; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as a Worthless Legislator and Liar; you are far too humble.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California