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2017 Oscar: Best Performance as a Judicial Misogynist


Unfortunately, the apologists entrusted with discipline Judicial Misfits, believe that Judicial Misogyny is a recognized Judicial Perk. In short, misogyny practiced by male jurists is given the proverbial wink and a nod by their counterparts on the bench.


Singling out the most deserving contestants for this award was a monumental and time consuming task. With that said, the eventual winner and the four losing nominees for this Exalted Award are listed below. Articles dealing with their enduring accomplishments can be found by visiting the “Judicial Misfit” section and then click on to the appropriate state where you’ll find their names listed alphabetically.


And the 2017 Oscar goes to:

Judge Aaron Persky of San Jose, California


And the 2017 four Losing Nominees are:

  • Judge Bailey Moseley of Texarkana, Texas
  • Judge Frederic Amman III of Monroe, Louisiana
  • Judge Alfred Nance of Baltimore, Maryland
  • Judge Kothandram Bhakthavatsala of Bangalore, Karnataka, India