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Attorney Matthew Igbinosun of Toronto, Canada; pervert, Dufus

In 2006 the Law Society of Upper Canada found attorney Matthew Igbinosun guilty of sexually assaulting three women. Due to some legal technicalities the criminal prosecution of Igbinosun was dismissed.
In addition to being charged as a Pervert, Igbinosun was also found guilty of the following misconduct in his failures to:
  1. Guard against becoming the tool or dupe of unscrupulous clients (Dufus-it is)
  2. Be honest and candid when advising his lender clients
  3. To disclose material facts or misrepresenting (lying) to his lender clients
  4. Not reporting financial transactions to his lender clients
  5. Not taking appropriate steps to protect his clients interests
Originally the Law Society ordered that Matthew Igbinosun be disbarred. However, as a result of the unfortunate dismissal of criminal charges for sexual assault being dismissed, some losers sitting on the Court of Appeals reversed the disbarment.
As we speak (ca. Feb 2011) this certified loser, liar and pervert is practicing law at 2205 Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Canada. What a joke!