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Attorney Edward Nottingham of Denver; pervert, scofflaw, moron

Attorney Edward Nottingham was previously a U.S. District Court judge in Denver (ca. 1989-2008)
Judge Edward Nottingham resigned from the federal bench on October 29, 2008.
Judge Edward Nottingham’s convenient resignation came about as the result of ethics charges being filed against, which are as follows:
  • A woman working as a prostitute for Judge Edward Nottingham told investigators that he asked her to lie to investigators about their relationship
  • Judge Edward Nottingham spent at $3,000 at a Denver strip club and was so drunk he actually claimed he was an honest judge, I’m sorry he could remember what happened
  • Judge Edward Nottingham illegally parked in a handicapped spot and then threatened a handicapped woman who complained about his conduct
  • Judge Edward Nottingham accessed porno sites on a court’s computer and then lied that he had so acted
  • Judge Edward Nottingham solicited prostitutes on his court provided cell phone
At the time, Judge Edward Nottingham was the Chief Judge of the Colorado Federal District Court. How sweet is that?
Judge Edward Nottingham was a frequent customer of a business called Denver Players or Denver Sugar that had been a brothel (whorehouse) before it was shut down.
According to eye-witnesses and investigative records, Judge Edward Nottingham was known as “Naughty” amongst the hookers he employed and that he paid roughly $300 per visit. An unreliable source indicated that $75 of the $300 was to defray the cost of hooking up “Mr. Naughty” intravenously to industrial strength Viagra.
Isn’t it nice to know that the enablers and apologists sitting on the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado Commission on Judicial Commission determined that Judge Edward Nottingham’s egregious misconduct did not warrant that he be permanently disbarred?
Attorney Edward Nottingham now practices law in Denver. Take my advice folks, and avoid this moron if you’re seeking legal services!
I suppose it’s only fair that the enablers on the Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado Commission were reluctant to deprive Edward Nottingham the opportunity to earn a dishonest living as an attorney in Denver, right?