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► Attorney Steven Ahlers of Livermore, CA; potty mouth pervert


The state of California provided Steven M. Ahlers with a law license in 2007 after he graduated from Santa Clara University Law School.


The California Bar Court found Stevie guilty of the following misconduct.

  • Engaged in multiple acts of misconduct
  • Caused significant harm to client
  • Ordered to attend at least 4 meetings per month with AA
  • Criminally charged with using telephone with intent to annoy domestic partner
  • Criminally charged with violating a protective order
  • Criminally charged using obscene language or threat of injury by telephone or means of an electronic communication device as to family’s nanny
  • Plead no contest (guilty in effect) to use of telephone or electronic communication device with intent to annoy another
  • For 2 years made unwelcomed sexual advances towards nanny
  • Threatened nanny with loss of her job
  • Sent several text messages to nanny calling her “whore”
  • Threatened to have nanny deported
  • Sent over 100 text messages/phone calls to nanny
  • Sent two text messages to nanny stating “I will destroy everything important to you in front of family and a work audience”
  • Told nanny “I will come home or I will go nuclear”

As a consequence of his misconduct the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Bar Court punished Stevie by gifting him with a complimentary reproval.


As we speak (ca. May 2016), Stevie practices at 1127 Rincon Avenue in Livermore, California.