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Texas’ 2018 Attorney Ivory Soap Purity Rating = 99.7%


Ivory Soap advertises a purity rating of 99.44%. In the Texas legal system, there are 90,485 attorneys practicing throughout the state. For the year 2018, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Texas Supreme Court handed out the following complimentary sanctions against one-hundred-eight-seven (187) attorneys for engaging in a variety of misconduct.

  • 32 = number of public reprimands
  • 152 = number of suspensions
  • 14 = number of disbarments
  • 17 = number of resignations with discipline pending

This laughable finding by the Texas Supreme Court means that Virginia has a 99.7% Ivory Soap Purity rating for 2018 is preposterous in that it indicates the near impossibility of finding a dishonest or incompetent attorney.


This would mean that if all 66 attorneys attended a University of Texas vs. University of Oklahoma game at the Cotton Bowl with a seating capacity of 96,000 it’d be nearly impossible to locate the 187 unethical attorneys even if they raised their hands in unison.