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Attorney Charles R. Bean of Portland, ME; repeater, unethical elf, certified loser

Charles Bean was presented with a law license by the Maine Supreme Court in 1983.
In July 2011, the Board of Overseers of the Bar found Allan Hanson guilty of the following misconduct:
  1. Failure to communicate with clients
  2. Conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
  3. Neglect of duties owed to clients
  4. Lack of diligence in providing contracted services to clients
  5. Refused to cooperate with Bar Counsel’s investigation and inquiries
  6. Failed to return unearned fees
This was Charlie’s 3rd bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree.
In 2004 and again in 2006 Charlie was reprimanded for engaging in the same misconduct he was found guilty of in July 2011.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Board of Overseers punished Charlie the Loser by gifting him with a reprimand.
Gifting Charlie the Loser with three (3) consecutive reprimands for engaging in the same misconduct only further proves that Attorney Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct then we are.
Had the enablers for the Board of Overseers ordered that Charlie post a warning sign on his office door after finding him guilty of misconduct the second time in 2006, then there’s a good chance his latest victims would have been spared.
As we speak Charlie the Loser practices law at 91 Ocean Street in South Portland.