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Attorney Lonnie Randolph of East Chicago, IN; repeat offender, moron


The state of Indiana presented Lonnie M. Randolph with a law license in 1979 after he graduated from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. 


The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission found Lonnie guilty of the following misconduct.


Just before Lonnie’s representation of L.H., L.H. was convicted and sentenced for dealing in cocaine, a class A felony, enhanced because he was a habitual offender. After an appeal that resulted in remand, he was resentenced on the habitual offender count. He then filed a PCR petition, which resulted in the habitual offender sentence being vacated, leaving a 20-year non-suspendable sentence for dealing in cocaine.


Subsequently, L.H. hired Lonnie to represent him in seeking a sentence modification, for which he or his family paid Lonnie a $1,500 fee for initial research and a $3,500 flat fee to complete the representation.


Because of the circumstances, Lonnie should have known that sentence modification was not legally possible. Several months later, Lonnie told L.H. that he would be filing a PCR petition on his behalf. Lonnie did not tell L.H. of the need to obtain appellate court approval to file a second PCR petition, and he did not seek such court approval before filing it.


As a result of Lonnie’s gross incompetence, the trial court denied the second PCR petition on the day Lonnie filed it. Lonnie then made some preparations to file a third PCR, but it was never filed.


When L.H. expressed his displeasure at the status of his case, Lonnie wrote back that the balance owed for his fee was $5,000, which must be paid before any hearing on the third PCR petition. Lonnie did not explain the basis of this fee demand.


L.H. then fired Lonnie and demanded a refund of the fees he had been paid. Eventually, the trial court ordered that Lonnie refund $3,500 of the fees paid by L.H.


As one would suspect, this wasn’t Lonnie’s 1st bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree. He previously received two prior complimentary private reprimands from the comedians sitting on the Indiana Supreme Court for engaging in a variety of misconduct.


As a consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Indiana Supreme Court punished Lonnie by gifting him with a complimentary reprimand.


As we speak (ca. November 2013), Lonnie practices with Lonnie M. Randolph & Associates at 1919 East Columbus Drive in East Chicago, Indiana.