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Attorney William Chinnock of Boulder; crook, moron, ethically inept

Prior to hightailing it to Boulder, William Chinnock was a celebrated judicial moron, thief and ethical dwarf in Ohio.
Prior to moving to Boulder, William Chinnock was a city councilman in a bedroom community outside of Cleveland, Ohio. After he was busted for criminal violations of state campaign laws and for driving under the influence, the voters told William Chinnock to take-a-hike.
With no opportunity available for gainful employment and because he had a law license, William Chinnock donned a pair of industrial-strength knee pads and sought the intervention of Ohio Chief Justice Thomas Moyer so that he could feed his family.
Chief Justice Thomas Moyer realized early on that Judge William Chinnock could be relied on as a compliant lackey and bootlicker to dispense with justice in assuring outcomes favorable to the Chief.
After carefully considering William Chinnock’s criminal record, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer instructed then Ohio Gov. George Voinovich to appoint Chinnock to a vacant seat on the Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) Common Pleas Court’s Juvenile Division. As the most powerful politician in Ohio, Gov. Voinovich immediately complied with Chief Justice Thomas Moyer’s directive.
In accordance with Ohio law, Judge William Chinnock was required to stand for election in November. Knowing that the voters in the greater Cleveland area weren’t about to vote for this certified moron, criminal and ethical leper-con, Judge William Chinnock resigned from his appointed judgeship shortly before the election.
Judge William “The Moron” Chinnock fully realized that under Ohio law he would be prohibited to future employment as a retired visiting judge if he lost the election. Fully aware that he could rely on Chief Justice Thomas Moyer to come to the rescue again to assure that he would not remain unemployed (no reputable law firm in Cleveland would even consider hiring him), he resigned.
Within days of his resignation, he applied to Chief Justice Thomas Moyer for appointment as a retired visiting judge. Lo and Behold if Chief Justice Thomas Moyer again found that Judge William Chinnock’s prior criminal record was proof positive that he was more than qualified to act as a retired visiting judge.
Over the next couple of years, Judge William Chinnock became the highest paid judge in the State of Ohio, earning even more than Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
My review of Judge William Chinnock’s wage records showed the he falsely claimed to have worked hundreds of eight-hour days, many of which he claimed he did at his home in Westlake, Ohio. In fact, Judge William Chinnock had the chutzpah to claim he worked 8-hour days on the 4th of July, New Year’s Even and numerous other holidays and/or Saturdays and Sundays. Suffice it to say that Judge William Chinnock bilked Ohioans out of tens-of-thousands of dollars during his tenure as a retired visiting judge.
To cement his status as a certified moron (Dumbass), Judge William Chinnock made numerous rulings from the bench that was asinine at best. In one case, he found a fellow in contempt for failing to pay child support even though a DNA test proved he wasn’t the father. In other celebrated case, Judge William Chinnock ordered that the parents of a minor child could not longer smoke in their home.
Given Judge William Chinnock’s propensity for bilking the taxpayers by billing for hours he never worked, I’m confident that he’s doing the same thing to anyone in the Boulder area that pays him for his useless services as an attorney.
If I lived in the greater Boulder, Colorado area, I would avoid this certified thief and moron like the plague.
Judge William Chinnock’s law office is located at 8238 Sugarloaf Road in Boulder, Colorado. If you’re in the area, take my advice and hold onto your wallet and/or purse and don’t stop to say Hello.