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Attorney Anne Andrews of Irvine, CA; unethical Dumbo

The state of California provided Anne Andrews with a law license in 1970 after he graduated from Lincoln University Law School, a 3rd tier school dedicated to accepting losers that couldn’t get into mainstream law schools like USC, UCLA or Stanford.
The California Bar Court found Anne guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Failed to properly supervise her client trust account
  2. Failed to pay medical liens for clients
  3. Failed to provide competent legal representation (Dumbo)
In one matter, Anne represented a client whose insurance company paid $5,000 to her doctor under the medical payments portion of her auto insurance policy. Anne subsequently settled the case for $9,000 without her client's authority. The client objected that the amount of settlement was not enough to pay her medical bills. The client ceased complaining when Anne falsely told her that she wouldn’t have to repay the $5,000 to her insurance company.
When the client’s insurer sought repayment Anne told the client she would take care of the matter. When the insurer sued the client repayment, Anne again told the client she would resolve the matter. Due to Anne’s gross negligence and incompetence, a default judgment was entered against her client and in favor of her auto insurer.
Subsequently, the client fired Anne and sued her, which forced to have to pay the $5,000 to the client’s insurer.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the supporters for Attorney Misfits sitting on the California Bar Court punished Anne by gifting her with a complimentary 60-day suspension of her law license.
As we speak (ca. January 2013) Anne practices with Andrews & Thornton at 2 Corporate Park in Irvine, California.