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California’s 2018 Attorney Workforce Infestation Rate


As we speak (ca. 2018) the population in California is 39,536,653. The number of licensed attorneys in California is 190,204.


By comparison, there are only 112,906 practicing physicians (source: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation). Put simply, there are well over 77,000 more attorneys running amok in Washington than there are licensed, practicing physicians.


The infestation of lawyers in California reminds one of the damage folks there suffer from regarding the invasion of imported Boa Constrictors.


The citizens of California continue to suffer from an out of control birthrate among attorneys. Clearly, a reliable birth control device needs to be implemented to prevent unnecessary future births.


And lastly, from a personal point of view, do you believe that in the future you, a member of your family and/or a friend will find it necessary to seek the services of a physician or an attorney?


And lastly, it should be noted that there is one attorney for every 208 individuals residing in California. By contrast, there is one physician for every 350residents of California.