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Attorney Richard Bobus of Santa Rosa, CA; idiotic loser 


The state of California provided Richard Lee Bobus with a law license in 2007 after he graduated from Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa. Empire is a 4th tier school dedicated to serving losers that couldn’t get accepted into mainstream schools like UCLA, UC Davis, USC or Stanford.


The California State Bar Court found Dick guilty of the following misconduct.

  • Engaged in a pattern of misconduct
  • Misconduct involved multiple violations
  • Intentionally, recklessly or repeatedly failed to perform legal services competently (idiot)
  • Accepted fees form non-client to pay client’s fees
  • Failed to inform client her mother had been murdered
  • Failed to submit documents to support client’s asylum application

As a direct consequence of his misconduct, the supporters for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Bar Court punished Dick by gifting him with a complimentary reproval.


As we speak (ca. November 2015) Dick practices at 1740 Santa Rosa Blvd in Santa Rosa, California.