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Attorney William Beverly of Torrance, CA; dumb crook, ethical gnome

Attorney William Beverly of Torrance, California was gifted with a law license by the California Supreme Court on Dec 1, 1978 after graduating from Northrop University School of Law previously located in Los Angeles.
In late 2009, the California State Bar charged Beverly with engaging in a plethora of egregious misconduct.
In the recent past, Beverly’s former clients won a judgment against him of almost $425,000 in a case involving fraud, breach of fiduciary duties and legal malpractice. At about the same time, Beverly was going through a divorce wherein he structured a settlement that transferred cash assets of more than $1 million to his wife in exchange for keeping his pension fund, which he considered exempt from the $425,000 judgment rendered against him.
When Beverly told his former clients that he did not have the assets to pay the $425,000 judgment, they filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against him.
Subsequently, a bankruptcy appellate panel in the 9th Circuit ruled that Beverly’s transfer of $1 million in assets to his was fraudulent, made to avoid collection of the $425,000 judgment. The panel also found circumstantial evidence of “badges of fraud,” including facts that the transfer of the $1 million took place after a substantial debt ($425,000 judgment) was incurred which rendered Beverly insolvent.
For perpetrating a fraud on his prior clients, the enablers on the State Bar gifted Beverly with a 90-day suspension that took effect on May 30, 2010.
Beverly now practices law out of an office located at 3424 Carson Street in Torrance, California. I would suggest that y’all avoid this unethical twerp and/or anyone associated with him if you’re seeking legal assistance in the greater Los Angeles area.