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Attorney George Richard Baker of Birmingham, AL; greedy flim-flammer

The state of Alabama licensed George Richard Baker in 1999 after he graduated from Samford University. In 2003 the State of California granted Baker a law license.
In 2010, George was the lead plaintiff’s attorney in a sham lawsuit filed in the San Francisco Superior Court against McDonald’s. To be charitable it was yet another frivilous class action lawsuit against McDonald’s for allegedly promoting unhealthy food for children.
On behalf of the plaintiffs, Baker demanded that the court (a) prohibit McDonald’s from advertising Happy Meals with the promise of a toy, and more importantly (b) order McDonald’s to pay Baker’s attorney fees and costs.
This lawsuit is just another prime example of the abuse of the legal system by so-called class action attorneys. They should rightfully be called “classless action” lawyers.
What’s next for Baker and his cadre of self-serving classless action lawyers? Will they file class action suits making the following hyperbolic (BS) claims?
  1. Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn on behalf of gambling addicts for offering them incentives to gamble at The Mirage, Treasure Island or the Bellagio
  2. Lawsuit v. Hershey’s on behalf of obese people for providing them with coupons to purchas their products at a discount
  3. Owners of legal brothels in Nevada on behalf of unsatisfied spouses
Luckily, the presiding judge dismissed Baker’s classless lawsuit. I doubt this will keep him and those of his ilk from continuing to waste taxpayer resources by filing more of the same.