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Former Judge Barney Bloom of Montpelier, VA; serial shoplifter

The Vermont Judicial Conduct Board found Judge Bloom guilty of the following misconduct.


For 15 years, Judge Bloom was an elected assistant judge in Montpelier, Vermont. Police records establish that over a four-year period of time (ca. 2011 to 2015), Judge Bloom routinely stole small items for a variety of Montpelier stores.


Because Judicial Misfits in Vermont are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Judge Bloom never faced criminal charges for his serial shoplifting. I’m sure this judicial courtesy is not afforded to other Vermont citizens.


Judge Bloom admitted to the shoplifting charges before the Judicial Conduct Board. The Board ruled the violations would warrant removal from the bench, but since the coward resigned, the board merely issued a complimentary reprimand and ordered that Bloom never seek judicial office again.


It is rumored that Judge Boom is now working in a dual position as a security guard and greeter at the Walmart Supercenter on Berlin Mall Road in Berlin, Vermont.