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Do Healthcare CEO’s deserve annual salaries of $12 million?  


Many so-called left-wing journalists (is there another kind?) and commie-pinko sympathizing unionists have had the chutzpah to falsely assert that Healthcare CEO’s that receive on average $12 million a year are overpaid.
This feigned indignation by Wannabee Leninist socialists (aka, communists) is just another fine example of left-wing zealots who find fault with American capitalism.
As we all know, capitalism is what made America what it is today, right? If it wasn’t for unfettered capitalism, honest brokers like Bernie Madoff would not have had the ability to earn a dishonest living.
The audacity of left-wing zealots to suggest that Healthcare CEO’s are overpaid is outrageous and only further cements their status as commie-pinko nutcases.
$12 million ain’t what it used to be, if ya know what I mean.
For this measly compensation, these Healthcare CEO’s may have to work as much as ten (10) hours a week. Before you ingrates that like to claim ya actually work for a living (autoworkers, longshoreman, low-level government workers, farm workers and those of your ilk), it ain’t the cake walk y’all think it is.
How would y’all feel if you were only paid $12 million a year and had to do the following?
  • Pay the upkeep for 3-5 residences in Vail, Boca Raton, French Riviera and Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Employ and supervise housekeepers and chauffeurs for 3 to 5 residences
  • Spend over 50% of your time golfing, yachting and/or dining at 5 star restaurants
This trifling $12 million annual salary is well deserved when one considers the above responsibilities and sacrifices that CEO’s working at Humana, Blue Cross, CAN and/or Aetna put forth on a daily basis.
This annual salary amounts to a meager $250,000 a week or $6,250 an hour based on a forty-hour work week. Ain’t much when ya consider how hard they work, right?
Y’all have to also consider the fact that most of these CEO’s worked their tails off while attending low-level, government subsidized colleges/universities such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Dartmouth and/or Cornell, while you fools that actually think ya work for a livin (nurses, truck drivers, autoworkers, union electricians and/or ranch-hands) were blessed with the opportunity to pay taxes for these government financed colleges.
Now, knowing the real truth about the sacrifices put forth by our Healthcare CEO’s, don’t you feel ashamed in denying them at least $12 million a year in compensation? Hopefully, you ingrates have learned a valuable lesson and will refrain in the future from unjustly attacking these great American heroes and patriots.
Let’s hear it for the Healthcare CEO’s that have slaved away to assure that America is blessed with the most expensive and least responsive and ethical healthcare system in the industrialized world.