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Are Colorado Judges Ethical and Intellectual Giants?


The Colorado Judicial Industry would have us believe that its judges are to ethics what Ivory Soap is to purity.
Since 1966, no judge has ever been removed for misconduct in Colorado. Goshes and Gollies and Gee whillikers, that means that the Judicial Commission was unable over the past forty-three (43) years to discover even one ethical gremlin and/or intellectual dwarf.
That’s absolutely amazing, right? However, you’d have to have an I.Q equal to or less than the legal speed limit in a school zone to believe such a hyperbolic (BS) claim.
To assure that the citizens of Colorado are kept in the dark on the rare occasion that a member of the Colorado’s Judicial Industry is adjudged guilty of misconduct, said findings are kept secret from the public. In fairness to the Judicial Industry, do the citizens of Colorado really have a right to know the names of Judicial Misfits running amok in their courts? Of course they don’t despite the fact that they are required to pay taxes to support this “secret society.”
Chief enabler and apologist for the Judicial Industry, Rick Wehmhoefer, executive director and general counsel of the Judicial Commission had the chutzpah to say “the fact that cases (judicial ethics complaints) rarely rise to the level of a [complimentary] reprimand is a good reflection on Colorado judges.”
Mr. Wehmohoefer’s statement is pure bunk and he knows it to be.
Apparently, Mr. Wehmhoefer enjoys his position as the quintessential lackey, bootlicker and apple-polisher for the Colorado Judicial Industry.
In several cases involving members of Colorado’s Ivory Soap Judiciary, one judges was charged with sexually harassing a court employee; another pled guilty to DUI, and another part-time Misfit sat on a case involving a client of his firm.
However, to protect the citizens of Colorado, the names of these Judicial Misfits were kept secret. Isn’t that special? Isn’t Colorado a great country?