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Who are the members of Mitt Romney's Moocher class?

As we all know, Mitt Romney was recently caught on tape telling his millionaire and billionaire contributors that 47% of Americans were a bunch of losers and moochers who believe the government owes them a living. Put simply, Mitt and his cadre of Arrogant Sycophants are of the opinion that anyone that receives assistance from the federal government is a member of the moocher class.
Obviously, members of Mitt’s Moocher class would include the following, some of whom may well be Republicans and/or members of the Tea Party.
  1. Seniors covered by Medicare and suffering from Alzheimer’s
  2. Handicapped children suffering from Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Disabled veterans surviving on disability pensions
  4. Assistance for cancer victims
  5. Unemployment benefits (Got to be at least 10 Tea Partiers who’ve received this benefit)
  6. Public Safety Officers Education Assistance – provides financial education assistance to children of fireman or police officers killed or disabled while on duty
  7. Farmers receiving crop insurance and other government subsidies
One must wonder how Mitt plans on assuring that the above described moochers and assorted losers can be counted on to cast a vote in his favor in November. Luckily for Mitt, the members of the groups listed above probably only represente about 7% of the voters.
I don’t know about you, but if a presidential candidate referred to me as a loser and a moocher I can’t imagine that I would even consider voting for such a person.