► Romney unveils new version of Mittopoly® board game for Millionaires & Billionaires Print
Romney unveils new version of Mittopoly® board game for Millionaires & Billionaires 
The Mittopoly® board game consists of thirty spaces containing twenty-four specifically identifiable properties along with various other newly created spaces and/or definitions.
Mittopoly® is geared to the 1-percenters (aka, Millionaires and Billionaires) and job-creators that are more able to appreciate the true meaning behind the game. With that said, here’s just a few of the new and/or improved spaces on the latest version of Mitt’s Mittopoly® board.
  • Pass Go: stop and collect $200 or bottle of Dom Perignon
  • Free parking: Bentleys and Ferraris only
  • Go to Jail: reserved for Bill Maher and George Clooney
  • Chamber of Commerce (replaces Community Chest)
  • La Jolla Place: winner receives complimentary 6-car garage elevator
  • B & O Railroad: entitles winner to railroad one Democratic Senator
  • Water Works: allows winner to pollute river of his/her choice
  • Income Tax: winner receives lifetime tax exemption
  • Chance: winner receives $2 million Swiss Bank Account
I you’re lucky enough to roll 2 sevens in a row; you’ll win an appointment as Ambassador to Zimbabwe or Afghanistan.
The IRS has granted Mittopoly® 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization, which means you’re purchases of the Mittopoly® board game are tax deductible.
And lastly, to assuage any concerns you may have, Mittopoly® is manufactured in a non-union shop in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
Order you Mittopoly® board games at www.mittopoly.com. A single order costs $45 plus $16.50 shipping and handling. For big savings order 20 or more at the cost of $85 per game.