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Should President Obama tell Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley to kiss his Gr-ass-ley? Ya Betcha!


In an effort at bi-partisanship, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean, President Obama recently spoke glowingly of Sen. Chuck Grassley as a Republican who expressed a willingness to work with him to support health care-reform legislation.


Shortly after President Obama heaped praise on Sen. Chuck Grassley’s alleged bisexualism, I’m sorry I mean bipartisanship, Grassley made the following comments to a group of Iowa voters at a town hall meeting.
  • “You have every right to fear!
  • “We should not have a government program that determines if you’re going to pull the plug on grandma.”

Senator Grassley’s comments were of course a bald-faced lie and he well knew it when he spewed forth such hyperbolic (aka, bullshit) comments. In his zeal to play to right-wing zealots that apparently are running amok in Iowa, Senator Grassley found it acceptable to tell a few lies.



Back in the day as they say (ca. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio), if some ethical dwarf (my apologies to ethical dwarves) like Senator Grassley spewed forth such a blatant lie, my fellow students and me would have taken Grassley down to the Ten-Mile Creek on Manhattan Blvd. behind the old DeVilbiss factoray and did to him what is now affectionately referred to by right-wing zealots as “water-boarding.”



I can assure you of one thing boys and girls, back in the day when I attended Rosary Cathedral Elementary School on Collingwood Blvd. in Toledo, Ohio, us good ol’ catholic boys would have taught someone of Senator Grassley’s ilk (for you morons, ilk is not a Male Elk) a lesson he would not have soon forgotten for speaking such lies.



If I was Obama, I’d put Senator Grassley on permanent “chuck.” In the day, “chuck” meant you’d never, ever speak to such a person in the future.


This ol’ boy has been a registered Republican since 1965 that aligned himself with the principles put forth by President Dwight Eisenhour and New York Governor Rockefeller. Those principles have clearly been treated with total contempt by buffoons such as Senator Chuck Grassley and an assortment of right-wing zealots (aka, morons) that have taken over the once proud and respectable Republican Party.