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Mitt Romney Trolling for Endorsements

As we speak (ca. April 18, 2012) Mitty has received numerous lackluster (tepid) endorsements from an assortment of disbelievers such as:
  • Speaker of the House John Boehner
  • Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
  • Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota
And then there are the endorsements from the following intellectual luminaries such as:
  • U.S. Senate candidate Christine (“I’m not a Witch”) O’Donnell of Delaware
  • Donald “Can you spare a hairpiece” Trump
  • Ted “The Screwball” Nugent
As we know, Mitt trails Obama badly with the ladie's vote. If Mitty is able to garner endorsements from any of the following celebrities before Obama does, he’ll likely carry the vast majority of the women’s vote.
  • Ike Turner
  • Mel Gibson
  • O. J. Simpson
  • Charlie Sheen
Obama’s going to be in a heap of trouble in November if Mitty collects endorsements from any of  these card carrying anti-misogynists.