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Will Comedy Channel sponsor next GOP Presidential Debate?

Over the past several weeks, viewing audiences throughout the country have been repeatedly entertained by a group of buffoons (my apologies to buffoons) seeking the Republican Presidential nomination.
In the unlikely event that any of the remaining candidates decline to appear at a debate hosted by the Comedy Channel and moderated by John Stewart and Robin Williams, then they could be represented by the stand-ins mentioned and pictured below.
And the Master of Ceremonies would be Michael (Let’s Get Ready to Rumble) Buffer.
Mitt “Changed my position again” Romney – Stand-in – Sen. John Kerry
Newt “She’s only my 3rd wife” Gingrich – Stand –in – Larry King
Michelle “The Screwball” – Bachman – Stand-in – Phyllis Diller
Rick “The Moron” Perry – Stand-in – Larry the Cable Guy
Ron “The Loon” Paul – Stand-in – Alice Cooper