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Trump orders Gov’t to purchase uniforms from Ivanka Trump


Shortly after Nordstrom’s announced it would no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and shoes, her Daddy Donald “Trumporleone” Trump had a hissy fit. As usual he lied as Nordstrom’s motivation by falsely stating it was a “political decision.”


However, I was advised by an unreliable source that to make up for the losses in sales that Ivanka will incur due to Nordstrom’s outrageous and possibly unconstitutional conduct, unreliable sources indicate that The Don is going to issue an executive order. That order will direct that all future government purchases for clothing and accessories will be made through the Ivanka Enterprises. Those purchases will be as follows:

  • All female prison guard uniforms
  • All Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine female military uniforms
  • Adult diapers (Depends) for Military retirees
  • High heel shoes for cross-dressers in the Army
  • Evening gowns for wives of high ranking Gov’t officials

The source indicated that The Don further directed that Ivanka Enterprises will be allowed to mark up their products no less than 400% of the costs Ivanka incurs in producing the items in Vietnam, China, Mexico or Pakistan.


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