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From Russia with Love” movie Sequel: Putin/Trump Productions


In 2015, Vladimir Putin purchased the rights to produce a sequel to “From Russia with Love.” As director and executive producer, Vladimir set forth the plot for the movie. He was also in charge of selecting the cast and members of the production team.


The plot for the film was for Vladimir to exact revenge on Hillary Clinton for exposing the corruption in Russia’s last presidential election that he won.


The James Bond character was replaced by a narcissist, congenital liar, misogynist, serial adulterer, admitted sexual assaulter and deadbeat real estate developer who would partner up with Vladimir in his vindictive attempt to get even with Hillary.


Vladimir with the advice and consent of Donald “Trumporleone” Trump and Sen. Jeff Sessions has named the following cast members and production team.


Starring Cast

  • Daniel Tosh – leading actor as Donald Trump
  • Rosie O’Donnell – leading actress as The Don’s main squeeze
  • Julian Assange – supporting actor in role as The Don’s consigliore
  • Ann Coulter – supporting actress in role as Agent Don’s partner

Production Team

  • Directed by: Kim Jong-un
  • Produced by: Vladimir Putin and Exxon Mobil
  • Screenplay by: David Duke
  • Story by: Sean Hannity
  • Music by: 50-cent     
  • Distributed by: Larry Flynt Enterprises

It is rumored that the proceeds from the movie will be donated to pay the future tuition costs for The Don’s youngest son Barron to attend Princeton and then Harvard.