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Trump introduces line of “Inversed Chastity Belts”


As one of America’s most successful businessmen (so sayeth The Don), Donald “Trumporleone” Trump displayed an enormous amount of pride while introducing his line of “Trump Inversed Chastity Belts.”

The Chastity Belts come in a variety of colors and sizes. As a promotional genius, The Don offers the first 500 customers a six-month supply of Preparation H.


The Don’s sole purpose in offering this new product is to limit the number of whiners and assorted crybabies on the left who claim that he’s sticking it to them. If that be the case, then the perfect vehicle to protect one’s self from a good old fashion screwing by The Don is to purchase a “Trump Inversed Chastity Belt.”


The Don’s motto is: “Getting screwed by The Don is only preventable” when you’re protected by The Don’s “Inversed Chastity Belt.”


And lastly, as further proof that The Don is truly an Altruistic Humanitarian, he has announced that all profits realized from the sale of this new product will be donated to the Liar’s Club in Chicago. 


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