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Glenn Beck demented opportunist, certified sissy, moron, coward

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, Glenn Beck appeared as a speaker before a crowd of 10,000 in Charlotte, NC for the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual meeting.
While speaking to the throngs, Glenn Beck mouthed the following hyperbolic (BS) comments:
  • “We’re American, we can handle the truth.” (Exclu
  • “The Titanic is going down. You telling me we can’t build a better shi? We have a great plan; it’s called the Constitution.”
  • “These are not Democrats. They are revolutionary Marxists.”
  • In defense of gun ownership, he said, “Government has no business trying to stop you as long as you’re a legal [does that exclude citizens such as Latinos, Asians, Arabs and African-Americans Glenn?) and law-abiding citizens.”
Does being a “legal and law-abiding citizen” automatically exclude American’s such as Latinos, Asians, Arabs and/or African-Americans” Glenn?
Is Glenn Beck a Certified Sissy?
Glenn Beck was born in 1964; however, he never volunteered to serve his country during the 1st Gulf War or subsequently. Apparently, this sissy is more than willing to sit back while your sons and daughters so act. As a veteran serving in a war zone, thanks for your service!
Glenn Beck – the Quintessential Opportunist
It’s obvious to me that several years ago while viewing the hyperbolic (BS) rants of Rush Limbaugh that Glenn Beck determined that he could make millions spewing forth the same type of outrageous lies and fabrications.
Towards that end, Glenn Beck has dedicated himself to making a mockery of the truth while he cheerfully pockets millions.
In the day as they say (ca. late 1950s) my friends and I at Rosary Cathedral Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio would’ve taken someone of Glenn Beck’s ilk down to the Ten-Mile Creek and summarily water-boarded him for lying about us and/or our friends. Trust me folks, a sissy like Beck would likely have changed his attitude after one dunking in the creek.
Hmmm, I wonder how much Mr. Glen Beck was paid by the NRA to spew forth the aforementioned BS! Probably a lot more than the attendees earn in a year!