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21 ► Judge Richard Halloran, Jr. of Detroit; serial misfit, pathological liar
22 ► Judge Judy Hartsfield of Detroit; ethical dwarf, lifetime porker
23 ► Judge Archie Hayman of Flint, MI; moronic loser
24 ► Judge Timothy Hicks of Muskegon County, MI; certified idiot
25 ► Judge William Hultgren of Dearborn, MI; lifetime porker, unethical gnome
26 ► Judge Gregg Iddings of Adrian, MI; pervert, adulterer
27 ► Judge Sylvia James of Detroit; arrogant Whatchmakallit, embezzler
28 ► 2015 Judicial Geezer Award Winner: U.S. Judge Charles Joiner of Detroit
29 ► Judge James Justin of Jackson, MI; certified moron, scofflaw, ethically destitute
30 ► Judge James Kandrevas of Southgate, MI: scofflaw, ethical leper-con
31 ► Judge Michael LaBeau of Monroe, MI, enabler for crooked lawyers, idiot
32 ► Justice Joan Larsen of Michigan; pompus dimwit
33 ► Judge Benjamin Logan of Grand Rapids, MI; ethical dwarf
34 ► Judge Brian MacKenzie of Novi, MI; loser, lifetime porker
35 ► Judge Sheila Manning of Detroit; lazy loser
36 ► Chief Justice Stephen Markman of Michigan; pompous loser
37 ► Judge R. Darryl Mazur of Jackson, MI; ethical gremlin
38 ► Justice Bridget McCormack of Michigan; pompous imbecile
39 ► Judge Wade McCree of Detroit; potty mouth loser
40 ► Judge Warfield Moore Jr. of Detroit; Judge Roy Bean Wannabee
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