Avarice Award Winners
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1 ► Trump Family: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winners
2 ► Arthur Anderson Creative Accounting Award Winners (ca. 2000-2010)
3 ► Attorney Hillel Chodos of Los Angeles: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
4 ► Texas’ 2011 Austin Household Expense Award Winner is Dallas Sen. Wendy Davis
5 ► Jamie Dimon: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
6 ► Today’s “Arrogant Avarice” Award goes to Texas State Sen. Troy Fraser
7 ► Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA): Today’s “Greedy Loser” Award Winner
8 ► Today’s “Greedy Elmer Gantry” Award Winner is Rev. John Hagee
9 ► Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL): Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
10 ► US Judge Robert Klausner of LA: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
11 ► Maureen McDonnell: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
12 ► Steve Mnuchin: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
13 ► Trump Budget Nominee Rep. Mulvaney; admitted Tax Cheat
14 ► DC Attorney David Rivkin: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
15 ► Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross admitted Tax Cheat
16 ► Attorney Lee Smolen of Chicago: Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
17 ► Today’s Avarice Award Winner is attorney Robert M. Stern of Los Angeles
18 ► Judge Christopher Warner (CA): Today’s “Avarice” Award Winner
19 ► Today’s Avarice Award Winner is LA attorney John Van de Kamp
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